Monthly Challenges

February: Make a Box, Any Box


Using at least two different tools in the maker lab, make something that falls under the category of a box. It could be a jukebox, jewelry box, shoebox, puzzle box or a “rare trading cards you got in Hawaii” collection box.


— You have to use at least 2 of the tools in the Grinnell maker lab, excluding hand tools

— You can form groups of up to 3 people.

— Submissions are a 3 – 5 min video detailing how you made the box and how it functions. Please describe the techniques, choices, and materials that went into making the final product

— All submissions are due on the 27th of February and should be sent to with the names and emails of the creators.

— Awards are announced on the 29th of February 

— Any needed materials can be requested through the mLab, though we do not guarantee that we will get them in time, nor will we get materials that are overly expensive or otherwise unreasonable

— All projects must be discussed with a monitor to ensure that they follow the rules and ensure requested materials(if any) can be obtained in time.


There are a Chromecast and Kindle up for grabs. The best box gets first pick of the prizes of the second-best takes the other prize.

Judging Criteria


  • The complexity of techniques used
  • The originality of the final product
  • Creative Interpretation of Challenge
  • Resourcefulness in materials used 

Production Quality 

  • The durability of the final product 
  • Presence of flaws
  • Appropriate application of different tools
  • Appropriate choice of materials used 


  • Ease of use of the final product 
  • Functional Design 


  • How visually appealing is the final product?